Zombies and referees!

Take a look to this totally random bunch of models I ended painting this week.

Zombies and referees!

This week ends with a pretty random model selection. For starters, we've got a Zombie lineman for the Shambling Undead team. He was painted in green and purple (I didn't intend to go for the yellow on that time) so it looks a bit funny. I laugh after doing the blood drops on his base (as a trail).

Second one is the last (but not least) human lineman for the Renegades team. A quick paintjob but I was really determined to finish them so have a look!

Last of them is an old Gnobblar referee I painted 20 years ago. The base was painted in Goblin green and the grass was yellow because it was OLD. I edge higlighted him (I never did that back in the day), added new grass and barnish and voilà:

So, wrapping up, first week of June was a good week hobby wise but I don't think I can keep that model rate in the next weeks. Let's see how motivated I can be to paint the rest of the zombies without thinking in better (and more expensive) conversions for them. And then the Wights (the very models that got me interested in the Undead team in the first place).

So, have a nice week and here's a picture of them having a brawl mid-match:

From left to right: Skaven, Gnoblar referee, human lineman, zombie, skeleton and Debbie.