Who are you?

Who are you?
Chaos Warrior avatar by Kristina Amuan

I started playing wargames and painting models around 1993 (that's more than 30 years now) after a couple of years of AD&D. Less than a decade later I worked as a commission painter for some collectors in València and Alacant to pay for my Physiotherapy bachelor degree. The burnout from that job made me leave the hobby for nearly a decade, but luckily I moved out of the city and started converting and painting again some years ago, posting stuff on Instagram and Twitter (those accounts are now extinct).

When Age of Sigmar launched the community became so toxic that a group of friends and me created a Telegram chat called Warmongers (nowadays is not open for other people) and there developed a really nice environment to teach people how to do stuff (paint, sculpt, collect) without paywalls. Today I'm proud of calling those 30 people my friends.

I started this blog years ago but it wasn't the first one. My first hobby blog "Pintad, Malditos" was hosted on Blogspot and I closed it after my first forum dogpiling episode on the early 2000s: In the dawn of Confrontation I dared to say on a forum that NMM was an overrated technique. I still stand on that opinion and will die on this hill.

Nowadays I mostly play Warcry and Blood Bowl with my friends, paint 15mm resin Eldar and Space Orks and try not to get hooked on the plastic model industry FOMO. Sometimes I write short stories or lore ramblings although English is my third language (so don't be too hard on me). And probably all the veterans here know me for my Nurgle models (like Smol, the Thrice Cursed).

Besides this blog I'm also on Mastodon so if you're there and want to say hi don't hesitate, there's a thriving and inclusive hobby community waiting for you (and not a single fucking Nazi).

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