Wraithwhat? That's a Dreadnought!

Tiny Eldar everywhere! Lots of them! Come and see!

Wraithwhat? That's a Dreadnought!

Just a quick hobby update on my 15 mm Saim-Hann Eldar second edition force. I just finished my Dreadnought (it's actually the second, but the other one is painted in Alaitoc tiger camo scheme).

Wait a minute. I just realized I've not posted all my tiny Eldar here since I painted the first batch of Striking Scorpions and Scouts...

Let's fix this, I hope you like them all:

Cool, right? I'm specially proud of my Farseer. I've always loved the original model and it looks really nice for a couple of days work. Now I'm painting 5 more Guardians, 2 heavy weapon platforms, a couple of Warlocks and an Exarc, and then I'm painting another 5 Striking Scorpions because the first had a lot of printer marks (2k vs 8k printer it's a lot).

Here's a sneak peak of what's coming next:

Left to right: Space Marine, Eldar Warlock, Ork with heavy stubber, Ork Nob.

If you want to paint those lovely Space Orcs, check this.

See you next time!