Six Treasures of Chaos

Six Treasures of Chaos

If you were paying attention to my Instagram feed 2 years ago you may remember my Nurgle Archaon conversion. It's been hibernating on a drawer because I was stuck deciding about some tweaks (mainly the left arm, the saddle, and the base).

But the left arm was the big deal. I talked to other people and the most common choices were a resting hand over the shield, or a nurgle trophy (like rotting heads or a corpse). You should always follow the rule of cool , so those were nice options; but I checked my old notes (I completely forgot I even wrote them, to be honest) and realized I  wanted to show the Treasures of Chaos on this model. If you read the Archaon's novels by Rob Sanders, you'll remember there were 6 of them:

  • The Eternally Burning Mark of Chaos.
  • The Armour of Morkar.
  • The Eye of Sheerian.
  • Dorghar, the Steed of the Apocalypse.
  • His sword, The Slayer of Kings (it has rend -2 now!).
  • And the Crown of Domination.

When I wrote my first post about him I hadn't decided about the exact point where the story deviated from the official lore, and that impacted my ability to sculpt the final details on the model. But luckily 2 days ago a hobbyist contacted me on Instagram and made me think about it (a lot). So, yesterday I went full focused on the model and made the scenic (huge) base, added some details... But the left arm was still missing.

Nothing a good night of sleep could not fix.

So, this morning I came up with this:

Does this make sense? He's got the crown, the sword, the armour, Dorghar and lastly, the eye. This relic is reason he ultimately knew about the existence of the "new" timeline". Him not having the mark is not only because of his allegiance, but because the lack of it explains his fate: Being a powerful Chaos Lord who killed nearly everyone on his World-that-was but not the actual Marshall of Apocalypse...

So I'm happy with this version but I have not glued it yet. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or Instagram and let me know what you think. Meanwhile, here's the current status on the full model: