'Ere we go!

Meet the Bad Moon Warboss and his retinue in the grimdark* future of the 15mm 40k. * It's not dark, we like shiny colors.

'Ere we go!

The new year was the perfect moment to finish the Bad Moon Warboss from my test model group, before the next (really busy) 2 months kill all my hobby time.

Had to ditch the "all Xpress" method with those (specially the warboss) because the priming wasn't ideal and the first coats were too desaturated for my taste. I guess it worked wonders for my Eldar because those models were meant to be in 6-10mm, and the surfaces were perfect for zenithal underpaining coupled with nice vivid Xpress colours. Doesn't work the same for 28mm models underscaled to 15mm.

Here's the size comparison:

From left to right: Striking Scorpion, Warlock, Bolter boy and Ammo runt (con the moon).
Here's the Warlord's retinue, stalking behind the desert rocks under a starry sky.

I hope you like them. Next step: Dreadnought, more boyz and some Bikes.