Zombie swarm!

Zombies! More zombies! Lots of Zombies! Well, not really, just 4 of them, but they are having a lot of fun!

Zombie swarm!

A quick post this week about the Zombies I managed to paint at the beginning of this week.

I finally broke my mental block on painting the last 3 lilac primed zombies and kinda worked my way around the armour colour, so next step is Wights!

Got a Big Guy ball carrier? No worries, a bunch of zombies got you covered!

At this point I must confess I'm really, really obsessed with converting the Exiled Dead zombies at this point. But those fit perfectly with Flesh Golems so I should build a Necromantic team and... Well, you know the drill.

See you next week!

PS: Extra points if you noticed the unfortunate little grot who died under the Minotaur hooves.