What if...

Wild Boars or Mournfangs as Morbheg Knights "counts as"? The debate is on and I need your input. Let the conversion begin!

What if...

You've already read about the wild boars but I've been thinking while resculpting the mounts: They don't look menacing enough, and from a gaming point of view, maybe they are not as big or "badass" looking as they should:

  • Morbheg Knights are 3 models with 3 wounds, 4+ save costing 150 points.
  • Boarboys are 5 models with 3 wounds, 5+ save, costing 140 points.
  • Mournfang packs are 2 models with 6 wounds, 4+ save, costing 140 points.

All four are around more or less balanced, so discounting the rider and thinking about how the mount would fill the base, I'm starting to like the tusky hunched beasts more.

Mournfangs use bigger bases, a detail I didn't know BEFORE ordering some.

Pros on this change are:

  • Mournfangs are described as cave beasts, fitting my story better.
  • Their facial expressions match pretty nicely with the grin or the open mouths of the ghouls.
  • They have patchy fur and little fangs and bones piercing their skin, just like the Flesh Eaters.
  • A stupidly big mount with overconfident skinny riders is very appealing to me.
  • Long fangs work like knight lances when charging, fitting the chivalrous delusion of their riders.
  • You can pet them on the head.
  • The photo mock-up looks amazing but the Mournfang will probably fit 2 riders instead of one (a cool concept that may let me add more craziness to the composition).


  • Maybe too big for game-appropiate bases (and thank God they are not Rhinox).
  • Are they omnivorous? Do they eat turnips when hungry?
  • A bit more expensive (but with regular boarboys not available anymore and the savage ones being not much popular, Mournfangs are even easier to find).
  • It's not clear in the lore if they are cats, bears or something in between, but they may look like giant cave lions to crazy cannibals.
Extra points: You've not seen yet what I'm going to do with a Beastflayer Baron and a sabertooth skull (long story short: I'm converting a hunting party that uses frostsabers as "hounds") so the Mournfang change would fit 100% in the army theme.

I stole this picture from Overtyrant on the birdsite (this is 8 years old) and I don't think they look that bad on smaller bases (although the tusks are going to stab everyone once they engage in combat, even with the legal base). Luckily for me, rule of cool says I'm not using a "legal" base if I don't like it, and I don't mind giving my opponents an advantage with more base to base contact models. There's a lot of discussion here about how big they really are.

So, I really need your ideas about this. Even new ones. Please tell me in the comments.

And see you next week with more Flesh Eater nonsense!