We shall play on the beaches!

"We shall play on the beaches, we shall play on the landing grounds, we shall play in the fields and in the streets, we shall play in the hills; we shall never concede." Old World Nuffle prayer.

We shall play on the beaches!

Well, here's the first batch of Lizardmen painted on time to show the sand mat we're about to convert into a sevens pitch in a couple of weeks.

I had the opportunity to play my first sevens league match against Norse and won (3-1), though I will always carry the shame of playing with unpainted models; that wasn't enought to curse my dice on the first match, but we all know Nuffle will come for me eventually.

I played with 4 Skink Runners, a Chameleon Skink and 3 Saurus Blockers (with one of the Runners on the bench). Wasn't the best configuration given the fact that On the Ball only worked to place my poor Chameleon closer to the Ulfwereners, proving that my roster choice wasn't wise at all.  Also, shadowing Valkyries isn't the good idea you think it is.

On the team development phase one of my Saurus Blockers gained Frenzy, so I decided to paint him in a more aggresive scheme. I used the Realm of Plastic's name generator for the Lizarmen, and since "Karoq - Legendary Predator of the Golden Astrolith" name came up, I thought it was the prefect excuse for the yellow stripe on that Saurus.

Say spriiint!

Now I'm eager to paint 3 more skinks before I start to think on printing Kroxigors or star players (my treasury doesn't have the money to hire them anyway).

Oh, by the way: We're still in need of the English translation of their name, "Círculo de Empresaurios".