"Opening that chest was a mistake, Boss. I mean, gold isn't supposed to burn like that. I have a bad feelin' about this..."

The goblins formerly known as Zotbag's Merry Band of Scary Gitz was considered a very lucky warband (lucky, because their survival ratio was above the average grot) until they found The Dreaded Treasure Chamber of the Crescent Moon™ or as they called it, Dat Frikking Hole.

Inside the cave they found a cache of strange gold and jewels cursed by no other than Tzeentch. Minutes after they put their tiny hands on the metal coins, they started to change. And our reporters* were there to show you what happened.

Zotbag Mooneye.

The Scary Gitz:

"How the fuck I'm supposed to shoot my bow now" Skitrag after seizing a nice bracelet.

Shive Nosebita, unsuspectedly riding a rare breed of Cave Squig that it's actually a Pink Horror.

Yogoo the handler(not very happy to see his new tentacle).

Grippa, former Blood Bowl star and torchbearer.

Webby Snikka, Look at all those new extra limbs!

Poor, confused Flug, former fishmonger and the fastest bow on this side of the Bloodwind Spoil.

Hamlekk the Thinker. Stormcast Eternals connoisseur and the oldest of the Scary Gitz.

Little Illidan. He's obviously not prepared. At all.

Gibbous the Illuminated, Zotbag's Loon'tenant.

Boss Pike, riding the Great White Glow-Worm

The Weird Critters:

The Bonfire. Made of Wisepear wood, it just walks around the rest of the group burning everything.

Zuzzik, the Cook. After raiding the cave, a huge spell book fell over the poor lad and seconds later it grew legs and a tail. It had better recipes than Zuzzik anyway, so everyone assumed this was the new cook.

* no one saw our reporters after that day, but luckily we found their smashed camera in a river next to said mountain.

** Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed with ideas and names, specially Sebastian, Rhu and the one and only Warboss Kurgan.