Red Sandstone Scenery

Red Sandstone Scenery

Ok folks, a lot of people asked for this so I’ll leave it here. I've repeated the whole process like a gazillion times in private chats, audio notes (in English and Spanish) so I rushed this a little bit... I hope it’s understandable enough.

The original idea was to paint stone scenery (kinda) soaked in blood because I’ll be playing in a place called The Bloodwind Spoil, and it rains blood there. Fresh blood seemed too much for me, so that left only one option: Stone statues with a red hue...

Step 1: Spray basecoat.

You need 2 cans here, Mephiston Red and Zandri Dust. Prime the scenery element with red but don’t bother to spray it from above, because Zandri will cover it later (and the thinner the coats, the better). Let it dry (that’s 0 seconds for me because it was above 30ºC when I did it), then spray with Zandry dust from above (zenital) and with a 45º angle.

That will leave a red gradient downwards, easy peasy.

Step 2: Texture.

Big brush, Karak Stone first, then Wraithbone. Always from top (and using softer strokes when you approach the lower side). That leaves a gritty finish without using real textures.

Step 3: Shadows.

Now this it’s the funny part. You’ll need Gore-Grunta Fur and Gryph-Hound Orange (contrast paints), water and regular medium.
For creases and cracks, use diluted Gore-Grunta.
For runes, here comes the trick: Orange for the upper half of any rune, Gore-Grunta for the lower half.  That leaves a very nice contrast, not glowing, but nice anyway.

Also, you can use a very diluted Gore-Grunta (or a red you like) to glaze the lower bits or correct the badly brushed zones.

Step 4: Definition.

Use some diluted Wraithbone to define the upper edge of runes or cracks, so it pops up even more. You can skip this if you don’t have the time, or do a simple light wraithbone drybrush like in step 2.

Step 5: Metals:

Use Boltgun metal or Leadbelcher for the metal parts, then Vallejo Dark Rust model wash. After that, dilute that vallejo ink A LOT and paint the vertical streaks down to the base (be careful to avoid pooling).

Step 6: Blood:

Put some Blood for the Blood God on a toothbrush and go nuts over the stone (I fancy little amounts of gore, but that’s up to you now).

Aaand there you go. Hope you liked it; you can follow me and look at the original posts on Instagram or Twitter.