RATS. Giant rats. Awful disgusting rats. With horns. Ugh.


This weekend I had some spare time to finally paint something, and I choose little critters instead of big bad bats. I primed two cats and 3 rats, and managed to paint two of them (the other two are so little I assume they will be finished later this week).

First of all was the Khemri mummified cat I'll be using along with my ghouls. It was a quick paintjob, and really nice one to test some new Vallejo Xpress paints I haven't used before (hello, new best friend: Fairy Skin).

Here's the little bastard (it was super hard to take decent pictures because he smol).

Oh, he's feeding on something gross...

Do you like it? I had the impression on sunday morning that he needed some friends, so I built these fellas:

Someone suggested I sculpt a greenstuff churro for this scene.

So, I primed and painted the big bad rat (the other 3 are primed and painted with 3 colors). Hope you like the result (Plague Monk included for scale):

4k video screenshot of the weird couple.

Here are regular pictures instead of video shots (easier to focus but worse with lightning and so on):

What do you think?