Mohawks & Guns.

As I wanted to build a Kill Team I started looking for old illustrations so I could get some inspiration to paint mine. And do you know what? There are only a few.

Mohawks & Guns.

If you've been watching the Kickstarter/Patreon* miniature scene lately I'm sure you've seen this KS by Stephen May (Dead Earth Miniatures), an ex-FW & Citadel sculptor.

His miniatures work wonders as a modern iteration of the old (OLD) Space Marine Scouts from Advanced Space Crusade, Lost Patrol, etc.

Imperial Crusade Recon trooper by Stephen May.
Look at those sleeves!

As I wanted to build a Kill Team (I've only played one game with Custodes, after the game release, so don't ask me if this is any good) I started looking for old illustrations, specially in color, so I could get some inspiration to paint mine. And do you know what? There are only a few.

So I decided to put them all here (for reference). Here they are:

Chris Achilleos' cover for Advanced Space Crusade:

That time Ultramarines look cool (never happened again).

Chris Achilleos' unused art.

Are those Scythes of the Emperor?

Found by David in an art book.

Dave Gallagher's cover for Lost Patrol.

This was used too for the cover of the Tyranid Attack rulebook (in B&W). I'd say this is the one that made me decide to buy the models and paint them (hopefully March 2024).

Adrian Smith's B&W illustrations from the Advanced Space Crusade rulebook.

Is that a Lictor?

The only source I couldn't find was White Dwarf #159, with a 5 page article by Andy Chambers named "Warhammer 40k Scouts" containing SM and Eldar Scouts rules for Rogue Trader. But thanks to my friend Mr. Vasiljevic we now know that the picture was... (drumroll):

John Blanche's Space Marine Scouts (White Dwarf 159).

*note: As my friend Décimo likes to say: 3d Printed miniatures' Patreons are hostage situations nowadays.

Edited on January the 20th, 2024: The campaign was over successfully and it's supposed to be posted in March this year. If you are worried because you've read some comments online about Steven not fulfilling all the shipping from his 2 previous KS, it looks like that is true, and some people think that maybe the scouts won't be on time. I talked to a friend about this before launch and we both thought it wouldn't be a problem: Looks like we were far from the truth. If your models are delayed (from any Dead Earth KS ) please tell us your story in the comments.