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Good news everyone!

After a long period of procrastination I've finally arranged things in this blog so you can receive the new posts (and more cool stuff in the future) directly into your inbox. For free. No Patreon bullshit here.

I've considered adding a "premium" tier just for covering hosting expenses, but that feels like I'm stealing from you.

So no more pasting links in Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon and Pillowfort for me. It always felt a bit "spammy" (specially when you follow someone on different social media and for a couple of days you're bombarded with those New post! links).

Also, sharing wips, projects and ideas made little sense since my accounts have been protected for a couple of years now, and the fact that Twitter & Instagram don't love links nowadays (unless you pay for them as ads).

Anyway, this is what you get if you hit Subscribe:

  • Every new post featuring conversions, painted models or fancy projects.

On the other side we'll never send you:

  • Hobby Spam on reveal days & events.
  • Gaming companies ads, sponsored content or product reviews.

Does this sound any good? Then you know what to do now.