Ghouls, roots and noble lions.

When there's no help coming, you're out of food and the enemy is at the gates... Watch out what you eat next! Let's talk about Flesh Eater Courts lore in a different (and funny) way.

Ghouls, roots and noble lions.
During the War agains Chaos, hunger and desperation forced human settlements to cannibalism. With their minds ravaged by their awful acts, the doom of a vampire's delusion fell over them, turning whole Ghyran populations into crazed monsters. Years later the Everqueen used her powerful magic to bless the lands with fertility, granting multiple boons to the inhabitants of those lands so no one had to endure hunger and deprivation again. With plenty of food for the surface people, the Flesh Eaters had no way to reinforce their numbers. Graveyards and burial sites almost empty and overrun with vegetation, the war against the living was lost and the casualties piled up so the tunnel dwellers and the corpse eaters' numbers dwindled to the brink of extinction.


Or is it?

We're used to this narrative being the regular happy ending for the good guys living in the Realms in the Age of Sigmar setting. But what about the Ghoul perspective on this? Do they recover their sanity? They are definitely mutated and deformed in ways no other human communities would accept them, and probably will kill them at first sight. Maybe they are just unable to endure the light of day, or the regular food is now poisonous to them. And as long as the vampire is alive, their minds will continue to be tainted by the Death Magic, so there's only one way to extinction: A long war they can't win against the living, with less and less warriors on their side until the inescapable end.

So, How do they live through this? How do their minds process being the losing faction again? How do the green overgrowth caused by Jade magic affects their way of life? What the abundance of food and vegetables looks like for them?

You kinda want to know now, I'm I right?

Ghouls by Akim Kaliberda.

So let me tell you this story about flesh eater mobs, wild turnip crops, dark magic and noble lions...

To be continued...