Fear the Red Moon

Today we can met three more models for the Underworld Denizens team, the Luna Rossa Ragtag.

Fear the Red Moon

Looking at the last week reactions some of you loved the mutants, so now it's time for some random models I've finished building.

There are 2 mutant Skavens still on my bench waiting for the mandatory greenstuff, and I need one more Snotling, a "counts as" Hakflem and the Rat Ogre, but that one isn't coming soon due to the stupidly high price of Forgeworld shipping.

About the team's name, it's going to contain the Red Moon italian version: Luna Rossa*, but I'm not sure about the full name yet. Right now my favorite is the Luna Rosa Ragtag but it isn't final.

Skaven Lineman.

This will be the only vanilla Skaven in the whole team.

Skaven mutant with Prehensile Tail and Claw.

Cave Squig (counts as Goblin Lineman).

I love this model too much and I needed an excuse to include him in the team.

Underworld River Troll.

Here's another angle on the Troll you already saw.

Now they're all primed in Vallejo black and waiting for me to be 100% sure about the scheme (black & red clothes with some rusted iron details, but I haven't decided if black will be for armor or clothes, as my Chaos Renegades already have black clothes).

See you next time!


* PS: For the English-speaking crowd: Probably no one made the connection between the Red Moon name and the "Luna Rossa" joke. The choice isn't casual at all. This image may ring a bell, but I'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense; it's a long running joke about a 2010 tweet from our president).

* PD: Para los de Twitter Españita: Evidentemente. El patrocinador del equipo va a ser una pizzería del inframundo llamada Luna Rossa. Una pizza cojonuda.