Bye Bye Meta

No more Instagram for Wilbur. I deleted my account, and you should do it too. This is how to do it.

Bye Bye Meta

Yesterday me, my wife and some friends set to delete our Instagram accounts after knowing that Meta is breaking the EU law (ad micro-targeting is now banned) and tried to hide their unethical (and illegal) behaviour behind a smokescreen: They wanted us to pay 13€/month for a no-ads service.

As I said, that's illegal with or without consent, and it's just the last episode of a long story of dubious behaviour.

So we used this link (because you can't do this on your phone) to delete our accounts. They will remain deactivated for a month and then they will be deleted. You can't do this faster.

So, this leaves me with 3 options for posting my miniatures: This blog, my Mastodon account and Pixelfed (after some failures caused by corrupt data sent by Meta I'm decided to start from scratch and not to upload 7 years of pictures).

The worst part is losing dozens of nice people I've followed for years (don't let me get started on how Meta backs up your "saved posts"). But I tried to mitigate that following their Patreon sites, their KS profiles, or any other URL I could find, most of the time with no luck: We've been giving Meta all our hobby life for free not realizing we'd have no alternative in the future when we decided to leave (because most of us never thought about leaving).

On the positive side: No more FOMO, no more free ads by GW influencers, no more rushed & dry-brushed models on release date.

So, take this post as a Thank you to all the new subscribers that came yesterday after I posted my last story saying I was leaving. Here's a picture of the last thing I did (the troll test base), waiting for the ingredients to try a new and cool kind of green grass:

See you soon!


PS: I also deleted my Facebook account 2 weeks ago, and months before that I terminated my Twitter accounts. It feels great.