Big bats darken the sky.

Big bats darken the sky.

As you already know, I don't like Morbheg Knights. And for what I've heard on his live show, Mr. Pink doesn't like them either. So I've chosen a number of conversions in order to play that unit, and this is the time to show you the one that nobody will understand (the one I like the most). This is going to be controversial for tournament pros but we don't care about that stuff here.

The thing I've always hated about AoS was splitting classic armies into separate factions. That gave us some magnificent models (and meant a fuckton of money for GW) but removed the half the gothic horror from a Ghoul army: No bats, no wolves, no flesh golems... Just vampires or, in this case, Nosferatu & Ghouls cosplaying as King Arthur. I was 👌 this close of playing The Old World only for the opportunity of deploying ghouls next to wolves or rats, even mummies! But the studio went in other direction.

Limited model selection being a pain in the ass? Not on my watch! Behold Their Satanic Majesties, the Fell Bats!

Frontal view of the composition.
Side view (the's no dent on the base, that was the handle).

Let's take a closer look to the test model:

Look at that bad boy!
This bony Gremlin-looking bat was stolen from Cursed City.

And take a look at the details of the base:

The skull came from a Black Knights kit, the rock is from Thrafnir's base.

The horse skull is a nod for other players in case I end playing in a store or club with strange people: Yes, all the models in this list with horse skulls on their bases have the keyword "Knights" and "Morbheg Knights". Just in case someone gets lost with the model changes.

Again, some bones from Thrafnir's base.
The tombstone came from one of Drepur's Wraithcreepers base.

Now I'll be painting them like Juan Hidalgo painted their Cursed City bats (not 100%, because bases are going to be different) and in case I'm satisfied with the test model, I'll build and paint 8 more.

Wish me luck!