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Angry stunty with a hammer

I'm still posting a lot of new conversions for #smolhammer on Instagram (take a look if you haven't yet), but now I'm in the mood of building some Slaaneshi dwarves using Fyreslayers as a base. The problem is I don't have the bits, neither Duardin nor Daemonettes (Mohawks & claws, I'm not using sexualized bits).

So I dug into my bits box (it's more like a dragon's hoard, but bear with me) and found a Doomseeker from my second Silver Tower box. I'm not playing Fyreslayers in the future, so after accepting nothing Slaaneshi was possible with my nonexistent stock of Slaanesh kits, I decided to build a "boss" for the little cannibals I built yesterday.

And this came to my mind. Feel free to send your C&C to my Instagram or Twitter accounts. Hope you like it!