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As we talked last week, my last hobby obsesion is converting my huge collection of Blightkings into a proper army, and, with the release of the new models and scenery, I'm on fire.

If you were following me on Instagram or Twitter, since friday you've been spammed with #wip pics of my first 3 Feculent Gnarlmaws "counts as" models. It's not that I hate the official GW Feculent Gnarlmaw, because I love it, but my intention to build my scenery and models in a unique fashion, what made me use the regular Citadel Wood kit to build some of them.

So, the plan was to use some spare bits I've been saving for a special occasion, plus the wonderful stuff from the new Beast of Nurgle kit designed by Aly Morrison. This was what I had:

Beast of nugle spare parts

As you can see, I selected the beast tentacles matching the ones on the true Gnarlmaw. That's key to blend the different styles of the bits.

Next step was to cut proper bases, so I drew an .svg template, and passed it to my friend Héctor, who used his laser cutter to make them (3mm MDF, or as we call it, DM).

Héctor gave me the bases last night, so everything I did the first 2 days was without them. Next step was drilling the tree so I could add the demon mouth.

#wip #Maggotkin #feculentgnarlmaw

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So, after some glue, milliput and wax paper, I had this (remember, no bases yet):

My idea was to build 3 different "scenes". The first tree, was clearly possesed by a demon, with a huge mouth and a monster tongue. The second one had human guts spilling from it. And the third was (in my head) covered with ropes and hanging remains, because reasons. All three needed bells (tocsins), tentacles and skulls (lots of them). Flies, Nurglings and other disgusting bits were the last additions, but didn't want to but too much on each one. I'm convinced that less is more when you're building this kind of things...

Here you can see the details on each tree. My personal favourites are the fly and the tentacled-flowers (my wife loves those too):

After that, I applied texture using Astrogranite and Astrogranite Debris (and will be applying some disgusting grass, pigments and maybe some melting snow to match my troops).

All this ended with this look, while I waited for the rain to stop, so I could go outside and undercoat them with spray paint:

gnarlmaws wip with texture

A first coat of Mournfang Brown, a bit of heat with the hair dryer, and then a second one of Death Guard Green, produced this (I placed my old Lord of Plagues next to them so you can see the matching style and scale):

And well, that's all until I can start painting them... Hope you like them, and I'll be glad to hear from you on Instagram/Twitter if you want to ask something or give me some advice for the next stages. See you soon, #warmongers.

undercoated gnarlmaws