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Welcome back!

Long story short, I'll be posting hobby stuff and projects (again); not just related with my Orks, but my new AoS chaos army and a side project you'll love.

I've been kitbashing a lot of stuff lately, and this idea came to me: Why don't we talk about those plastic kits that include awesome bits for conversions? You know, like the vulture or the smashed goblin in the GW giant, or the prisoner hanging over the Thundertusk... Cool bits. That's it. I want to talk about this (and want you to talk about your favourite bits here, too).

Also, I'm thinking about selling some awesome mercenary stuff I've been collecting from GW (lead mercenaries and oldhammer dwarfs!), so, maybe, I'll do a list, some nice pics, and post them here.

So, new year, new pics. Here's Bebop, my Doombull for the Tzeentch part of my chaos army.

bebop conversion

It contains bits from the Ork Boar Riders (backpole and head), ogre bulls and a minoutaur. Hope you like it.

And by the way, I'm on Twitter if you want to say hi.

If it's you first time here, the older posts are 2 years old, when I started painting again, after a 10 years "pause". Hope you like the space orks!