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Más rumores

Leo hoy en Dakka Dakka nada más y nada menos que esto:

  • The new mid size stompa thing looks like a pregnant Deff Dread. Comes with various weapon mountings, including what looks like a kustom force field.

  • New Gretchin models, including a grot oiler.

  • New mega nobs, not plastic versions of the existing.

  • Big Mek in mega armour with some interesting kustom force field-like addons.

  • Big Mek in Mega Armour with shoulder mounted weapons, maybe shock attack gun but doesn't look like it.

  • Warboss is similar to the remodelling of the Helbrute from Dark Vengeance, it looks like a reworking of the AOBR Warboss with an attack Squig

  • New Pain Boy with a kind of Narthecium cybork hand.

  • Flash Gitz (They look particularly awesome, very much like Freebootaz with loads of variation in the kit).

  • Big Gunz. Total redesign.

Personalmente, yo estoy muy contento. Pero parece que se caen de la convocatoria los demás kits de plástico ya existentes.