Hobby musings

Here's my Sunday Hobby Report. I'm posting it here because it's easier to read (Twitter is so full of threads lately).

I'm going to talk about my** Ork First World Problems Syndrome, AKA "The rule of cool"**. I think Boyz (Slugga or Shoota boyz) are small, outdated models. I don't like them. Don't think I would paint a lot of them before losing interest (yeah, happened to me 3 years ago).

I like Nobz because they have regular legs with regular spines, not stupid lumbar spine curves with ZERO healthy disks (it's called lordosis, but we should find another name for those Orks' backs). I don't like the Loota models for the same reason. They have slightly better faces, but they are boring too. But Lootas aren't a problem, because you can convert them from a thousand kits and bits. Neither are Grots.

My problem is, again, the regular troops: The Boyz.

I also find very cool the Meganobz, the Flash Gitz, and all the characters. And I think I can convert a Weirdnob from AoS into a cool old-school Weirdboy with a huge skull.

But Boyz...

I even have A TON of old metal Stormboyz that don't look that stupid BECAUSE THEY HAVE BIG CHUNKS OF METAL ON THEIR BACKS, and the models looks better "balanced".

So, here's the thing: Do you think, dear Twitter friend, that I can build and play an army without Boyz? Or with converted, bigger Boyz?

I don't think I've many options:

  • Don't use them. Play like the old Bad Moonz, with tons of lootas, nobz and meganobz.
  • Convert them using Nobz and spend all the money.
  • Kill yourself.

Please, feel free to troll or comment to me at: https://twitter.com/Mr_Whateley/status/871303894458134528

PS: Talking about faces: Orruk/ Bonesplitters /AoS faces are so nice compared to the old Orks... Yesterday I realized that the model I like the most is the one using a modified Boarboyz head.