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Buying second hand Orks

Disclaimer: This was published a long time ago, years before GW released the Genestealer Cults models. So, I don't actually need all the bits now, but...

Ok, this post will be in english, so if you are from UK or any other place in Europe, have a chance to sell some nice models to me (people frome the States are welcome too, but I suppose the postage fees will rise a lot for me in that case).
Awesome pic, isn't it?

Here's the deal.

I'm building a small Freebooter Ork army, 100% fluffy, based on the original rogue trader era books and the 2nd Ed. Ork Codex from GW.

As you may know, those armies gave you the opportunity to deploy some weird units to the battlefield, like Warpheads, Khorne Stormboyz, Ork-genestealer hybrids, and so on.

So, I'm interested in buying some models in order to convert/build those Ork mobs. I'm not in a hurry, so I won't pay a stupid amount for them. But I know, plastic bits aside, that those OOP models aren't cheap, so I want to choose carefully before spending my money (more if you think in those new plastic kits GW is releasing this summer).

Here is the list (I will try to keep it updated regularly) of the cool things I would need:

  • Genestealer cult hybrid metal models.
  • Genestealer plastic bits (from the sprues).
  • Genestealer models from Space Hulk (including the broodlord).
  • Ork plastic bits, anything that would include hooks, pirate-hats, peg legs, big shootas, grots, treasure chests, teeth, Ork glyphs...
  • Regular ork torsos, legs and arms from the Boyz/ Lootas plastic kits.
  • Forgeworld resin Mek bits/models and grots.
  • Howling Ork heads (for the 'eadbangers).
  • Orks with coats.
  • Khorne glyphs and big chainaxes.
  • Anything that may look cool.

Last updated: May, 4th

You can contact me at: pintadmalditos@gmail.com and Mr_Whateley

See you soon.